Posted by: travelrat | June 27, 2014

Return to the Stepping Stones


Near Marlborough: 1st June 2014.

Whenever anyone tells me of their intention to visit the stone circle at Avebury, I usually advise them to check out the West Kennet Long Barrow as well. On this occasion, we didn’t really fancy hiking all the way up the hill, so we went to the stepping stones at nearby Swallowhead Springs instead.

As you might see from earlier entries, we’ve felt a special attraction for this place since we first saw its picture on our ‘Avebury Calendar’ some years ago.

I was wondering if these huge stones are the same sarsen as the stones of Avebury and the outer circle at Stonehenge. But, the only people I’ve asked who would know hadn’t heard of Swallowhead Springs!

It would seem others feel it’s a ‘special place’, too for, just short of the steps, the shrubs have formed an arch, from which someone has hung coloured ribbons. It’s only a few paces from the source of the River Kennet, which we’ve seen in many … well, three! … moods.

The first time, it was bone-dry; the second in violent spate. This time, the waters were just between the two extremes. But, I still couldn’t get someone to pose actually crossing the stones … in spite of promising not to put the results on YouTube or Facebook if they fell in!


About Avebury, there’s not much to add that I haven’t said already; last time I visited, you may remember, I could only remark that the grass had got longer and the sheep droppings thicker. But, it’s a fascinating place to visit, nevertheless.


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