Posted by: travelrat | June 13, 2014

The White Cliffs of Dover

Dover Castle 7

Dover: 30th May 2014.

We didn’t stay at Dover Castle as long as we’d intended, for we’d left our sandwiches in the car, which, on account of more visitors than usual, was in the overflow car park, some distance away. We didn’t fancy trekking all that way and back, even on the shuttle bus provided.

It had an advantage, though. If we’d used the ‘normal’ car park, we wouldn’t have seen the signpost indicating the way to the White Cliffs.

Eleanor of Acquitaine

But, before we leave the castle, we must post a picture of ‘Queen Eleanor of Acquitaine’

The sign pointed down a narrow back road, which led, eventually, to a National Trust car park, where, not being members of said body, a NT ranger relieved us of £2 for using it. That was two quid well spent, for the views of the castle from here are, I think, some of the best. And, of course, the famous White Cliffs. The path leads along the cliff top, giving views of the cliffs further on.

Despite what the song says, no bluebirds. There never were any; the bluebird is not native to Britain. But, ‘seagulls’ doesn’t sound quite right, does it?

White Cliffs of Dover

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