Posted by: travelrat | June 9, 2014

We Don’ Need No Steenkin’ Badges … Do We?


With our documentation from Wendy Wu Tours came two lanyards, with name tags attached.

‘I am SO not wearing that!’ I grumbled at first. I’ve already given my thoughts on lanyards and name tags a couple of years ago. And, I often have a chuckle in the coffee shop, when people come in for lunch wearing theirs from work. When I worked, I always put mine into my pocket before I left the building … one place I worked, you handed them in before you left, so they could use them to check who was and wasn’t in the building in case of fire, or something.

They did ask us to wear them on arrival at Beijing, so that the National Escort could identify her group. And, on subsequent occasions, the venue was so crowded, they were extremely useful for identifying other members of the party … we did meet up with other Wendy Wu groups, but each group had a differently coloured tag.

So, in this case, it’s excusable … I just had to try not to get too many red lanyards in my pictures. We saw several other groups wearing something to distinguish them. Orange beanie hats, lime green baseball caps, pink tabards. I just thank heaven they didn’t see fit to issue us with those!

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