Posted by: travelrat | May 30, 2014

Last Night in Madrid

Madrid: 30th November 2013

With another Vaughantown programme completed, we returned to Madrid, and, since Rascafria isn’t all that far away, we got in fairly early.

So, after checking in to Eurobuilding 2, I set out to find amusement and refreshment. First, a couple of places I knew from previous visits; a couple of beers and some tapas at El Balandro, followed by a burger at the Burger King. As I’ve already explained, after a week of that great Spanish food, I need something ordinary to bring me back down to earth.

Since the night was still young when I finished my burger, I explored some more, and, just a little way down the street was a bar called Mas Jamon. Now, having already drunk at a bar called La Gasolinera (The Petrol Station), a watering hole called ‘Bargain Ham’ shouldn’t really surprise me.

And, that’s what they sold. Not only beer, but ham! On the counter, and hanging from the ceiling! Maybe this is a place for breakfast on a future visit? I will bring a ‘real’ camera next time. I only had my tablet with me and, as you can see, the picture isn’t really 100%

Mas Jamon

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