Posted by: travelrat | May 26, 2014

In China

Beijing 1

First of all, may I thank everyone who came to my blog in my absence. You kept my stats from plunging too low, even though I was unable to service it at all in China. The best-laid plans, as they say …

First of all, my tablet wouldn’t charge, for some reason. Then, when it finally decided to play ball, I couldn’t get anywhere I wanted; I knew I would be unlikely to get Facebook or Twitter … but maybe WordPress and my email. No such luck; it kept demanding my Gmail password … which I didn’t have; I rarely use Gmail, and my ‘password book’ was in my desk drawer at home!

Neither could I text from my mobile phone; it just wouldn’t connect with to any service. But, of course, once I got home, everything worked perfectly. Not too many regrets, though; we didn’t get many opportunities to deal with that sort of thing at any length, anyway.

If you like your personal space, or don’t like crowds, possibly China isn’t really the place for you. The country has so many attractions, some of which are World Heritage Sites, so not only do they attract visitors from all over the world, but the Chinese themselves are extremely mobile, and like to see what is to be seen.

Some guide-books complain about this. ‘If you were expecting …. you will be disappointed’ says one. I saw a lot of stuff; most of it was crowded. But, one thing I wasn’t was disappointed. So, if these factors can be accepted, a visit to China is rewarding indeed.

So, we’re back to normal … but only for a short while, for on Friday, we’re off to Dover to pick up Garry and Joanne. I have no idea what we’re doing after that, but we won’t be away for so long. They’re only here for just over a week.



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