Posted by: travelrat | April 29, 2014

Snow in Spain


Rascafria: 28th November 2013.

Last night, it snowed!

I cleared the steam from my window to behold everything covered in white.

Wow! … Camera, sweater … trousers!

It was only a thin covering, and didn’t last too long, but I got out early enough to get some nice pictures.

Now, although the holiday ads do much to perpetuate the myth that it’s always sunny in Spain, it does rain (although, according to the song, it does stay mainly in the plain) and it does snow. I have many pictures of the snow-covered Sierra de Gredos, and, as I’ve already said, the snow-covered mountains around here give a vaguely Alpine feel to the place. We’re also 3000 feet above sea level, so snow in November shouldn’t really be surprising.

What makes it remarkable this year is that, as I write this towards the end of April:
This is the only snow I’ve seen this winter!
And, I had to go to Spain to witness it! Odd, or what?

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