Posted by: travelrat | April 22, 2014

Neolithic Houses at Stonehenge


When I wrote about the replica Neolithic Houses at Old Sarum last year, I mentioned that they were a dry run for similar houses to be built at the new Visitor Centre at Stonehenge.

Well, volunteers have been building them since January, and, on my weekly stints as a volunteer at the Visitor Centre, I’ve been tracking the progress of the project by photo and by video. You won’t see the finished video for a while, though; I have the China trip and a visit by my brother in law and his wife first, before I can even think about editing it.

The houses are almost complete, and, tomorrow, I’ll be attending a training session, so we can interpret them for visitors. They’re based on the best theories of what form they took using information gleaned from the recent Riverside Project at Durrington. It’s thought, though, the houses were a bit smaller than the examples pictured here; people are generally a lot bigger than they were at that time … (I’m just a tad over six feet, and have been told that, in those days, I’d probably have been regarded as a ‘giant’.).

However, the Neolithic builders didn’t have to comply with Health & Safety (hence the hard hats and road-mender jackets!!) … and, it’s doubtful they needed planning permission, either!

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