Posted by: travelrat | April 10, 2014

Walking into Rascafria


27th November 2013

Quite often, the locations for Vaughantown programmes are within easy reach of a town or a village. But here, as at Gredos, that town is just a little bit too far to walk in the 50 minutes allocated to a ‘one to one’. So, as we do at Gredos when we walk into Barco de Avila, we devoted a block of time to a ‘many to many’, where we all walked into the town in a body.

For those who don’t want to walk that distance, though, a participant who brought a car can usually be persuaded to provide a lift.

The walk into Rascafria is along a pleasant, tree-lined path along the riverside. But, we didn’t just talk. A diversion was provided in the form of a ‘photographic scavenger hunt’. We did something similar at Torrecaballeros last year, but that activity took place wholly within the hotel complex.

On of our tasks was ‘take a picture based on a record album cover’. I think, without exception, every group made a beeline for the zebra crossing outside the hotel, and did ‘Abbey Road’. But, most of us had better ideas further on.

The weather, again, was bright and cold … at least, we thought so at first, but jackets and sweaters were being discarded after only a few hundred yards. And, when we reached the village, we saw quite a few people sitting outside the cafes and bars in their shirtsleeves.

Rio Lozoya

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