Posted by: travelrat | March 27, 2014

Inside the Monastery

Inside 1

Rascafria: 25th November 2013.

Usually, Vaughantown programmes present an opportunity for some sightseeing; all work and no play, as they say … Often, this is done in our free time in the afternoon, like our flying visit to Segovia the previous year.

Today, we had a chance to see around the monastery itself, guided by one of the monks. But, we didn’t use our free time: we did it in the form of a ‘one to one’; the monk gave his presentation in Spanish, and our Spanish friends translated for us.

Inside 3

The interior is equally as imposing as the exterior. Normally, I’d think it a bit too ornate and over-decorated for my taste, but it was cleverly lit to show it off to best advantage. And, I did wonder, with the monastery sorely under strength, with only eight elderly monks … how did they manage to keep it so clean?

We had to make a small donation, which also entitled us to visit the Art Gallery, at which almost the entire works of the artist Vicente Carducho are exhibited. I couldn’t find the time for that, but, if the illustrations in the leaflet I picked up are anything to go by, it’s certainly worth seeing.

Maybe next time?

Inside 2

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