Posted by: travelrat | March 25, 2014

New Toys 2.1

Stonehenge Panorama

Until fairly recently, I’ve been using Windows Movie Maker to edit my video clips. A few months ago, it threw a wobbly; I could still make videos, but wouldn’t convert them to any recognisable format when finished. Could I maybe solve the problem by uninstalling and then reinstalling it? Can’t be did, said Bernie, my computer guru, because it came bundled with the computer.

However, I also had Movie Maker on my Netbook, which temporarily solved the problem, although it had fewer bells and whistles on it than the one on my desktop PC.

Then, I got the GoPro … the output of which both computers had difficulty reading. The time had come; I had to buy some software.

What I got was Serif’s Movie Plus … I already have desktop publishing and photo software from this company (, and was highly satisfied with both. And, they have some pretty tempting offers from time to time.

It’s a pretty steep learning curve getting to know the GoPro and Movie Plus, and I don’t expect to digest it all overnight. But, I’m getting there slowly, and here’s my first GoPro/Movie Plus effort.



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