Posted by: travelrat | March 20, 2014

In a Monastery Garden … and Beyond.

Lozoya River

Rascafria: 25th November 2013

On arrival at Rascafria, we had lunch, checked in, and had a little free time to unpack, have a look around and maybe a short siesta. Then we all met in the room that Pete, our MC, had christened ‘The Library with No Books’, and introduced ourselves, although most of us had done that already on the bus ride up.

Then, it was down to business … the ‘one to ones’, around which the programme is built. We didn’t go far, for it was getting dark already, so most of us either stayed in the ‘Library with No Books’, or adjourned to the bar.

The following day, we ventured a little further. And, for the first time ever on a one to one, I donned gloves, a woolly hat and a parka. These aren’t garments you’d normally take on a week in Spain, but remember, this is November, and we’re 3000 feet up.

But, nobody really complained about the cold … we couldn’t, really, for many of our group were Canadian, and we didn’t really want to be told how cold it gets where they’re from.

Fountain at Rascafria

There’s an extensive garden around the monastery, but, of course, there’s not much growing at this time of year. But, I think just about everyone photographed the icicle-festooned fountain.

Usually, the rule on a one to one is strictly No Spanish … but, I’m afraid we bent it on one occasion. On our walk, we met a talkative old gentleman who passed the time of day with us for a short while. And, he spoke no English. But, he did name some of the surrounding hills for us … the Cabeza del Hierro range, the highest point of which was a mountain called Peñelar. My ‘Spaniard’ did, however, get some useful practice in translating the bits I couldn’t understand.

Cabeza del Hierro


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