Posted by: travelrat | March 18, 2014

More New Toys


I suppose it’s having plenty of time on my hands is the reason for entering so many competitions … especially those with tasty prizes on offer. And, I often wonder about the odds against winning something … are they longer or shorter than the Health Lottery, which I play every week?

I wasn’t expecting great things when I entered a clip in a travel video competition … you can see my entry at  if you’re interested … so I was most surprised to hear that I’d won a GoPro Hero 3+. Just at the point where I was counting my pennies, and wondering if I could afford to upgrade to an HD camcorder.

It’s a bit hard to get used to. You can’t zoom, and there’s no viewfinder, so you have to school yourself to keep your fingers clear of the lens. Also, you can’t view your footage in camera; you have to wait till you can get to a computer … rather like waiting for your pictures to come back from the lab in the olden days! In fact, I did compare it with one of the old Instamatics, except the results are much better.

On the plus side, it’s equally at home with still or video, and will easily slip into a pocket if you don’t want to haul a DSLR around with you. Its main advantage, though is that it’s waterproof; you remember I wished for such a facility when we went tubing on the Mulgrave River. Of equal importance is the fact it can be remotely controlled, although I haven’t quite got the hang of operating that facility yet.

The camera comes with a variety of mounts, and the little booklet contains details of the exciting places you can mount it, using the remote control. So, I suppose the next things I shall have to buy are a motor bike and a snowboard.

One of the first 'stills' I took with the GoPro

One of the first ‘stills’ I took with the GoPro


  1. Well, perhaps not a bike or a board, but wearing the camera on a helmet could be useful at times.

    • Indeed it could! I have a climbing helmet somewhere, too, although it’s ages since I last used it. I’m thinking, at the moment, of a tripod adapter and a ‘gorilla grip’, which should cover many situations, but not be too awkward to lug around.

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