Posted by: travelrat | March 13, 2014

Inside Santa Maria de El Paular


Rascafria: 24th November 2013

I’m rather pleased with myself, because this is one of the few occasions I managed to take a photograph of my accommodation before scattering my stuff all over the place. It looks a little cramped, but remember, this was once a monk’s cell … and I shouldn’t imagine that a double bed would be part of the furniture.

The 'Cell'

There is, though, an ensuite toilet and shower … which sounds rather unmonastic; maybe it was once another cell? And here, I must call down blessings on Sheraton Hotels, who own this one. They provide toiletries labelled in large letters, so you can see what’s in them without your glasses.

The dining room is a bit of a departure from the usual Vaughantown procedure, where you order what you want in advance, then take a coloured tag so the waiter knows what you ordered. Here, most meals are served buffet style … and very good they are too.

Also useful was the free wifi for guests … not that we really had a lot of time to use it. And, a great incentive to wear your name tag at all times … you got a 10% discount at the bar if you were wearing it.

Does this really need translation?

Does this really need translation?

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