Posted by: travelrat | February 21, 2014

My New Toys: Part 1

Roundhay Park. Taken with the tablet.

Roundhay Park. Taken with the tablet.

Since we’ll be travelling around quite a bit when we go to China, we wanted to pack as light as possible, and thought it may not be a great idea to take a computer … or even my little Netbook. Besides, we’ll be on the wrong side of the ‘Great Firewall of China’, and I understand that Internet access may be limited, and access to most of my favourite sites impossible.

But, I wanted something to make notes on, and maybe store a few pictures and stuff, and some videos I might want to show off.

So, I bought a tablet … only a little one, an HP Slate 7, which I was able to buy at a discounted price.

When tablet computers first came out, I was a bit dismissive, especially when I saw people waving a huge. A4 sized contraption at something they wished to photograph. But, the Slate 7 is ideal for taking discreet pictures, which you can, if you have a wifi connection, upload directly to Facebook, or wherever you like.

And, I have a note that, if you’re in a restaurant, you can take pictures of your food without being too obvious about it.

I found a free app called Dropbox, to which pictures are automatically uploaded, and I can access them from either of my computers … as can anyone who knows my password. This is the way I can store notes and documents, too.

The feature I’ve had most fun with so far is the one that lets me take panoramic pictures. But, there are many more, and it looks like I’m going to have a great time exploring them.

Salisbury Market Place: Panorama Mode

Salisbury Market Place: Panorama Mode


  1. That’s a subtle way of thkining about it.

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