Posted by: travelrat | February 17, 2014

Bacon Butties on the Road.

Kirkby Stephen 1

The accommodation at the Harrowgate Hill Hotel in Darlington is fairly basic. So is the breakfast; just cereals, juice and coffee. So, we thought we’d pick something up on the road to Grange over Sands. The first place we looked for was the caravan on Bowes Moor, on the Co. Durham/Cumbria border. But, today, it wasn’t there … at eight o’clock on a winter Sunday morning, I wasn’t really surprised.

Anyway, a little further on was the Stainmore Cafe … which grew up from what was once, many years ago, a truck stop in a caravan, but eventually became a fully fledged building … legend has it because the caravan kept blowing away in the fierce winds up here. But, although I think it was open 24/7 back in the 60s, it was closed now. Probably the reason is most modern trucks come fitted with the wherewithal for the drivers to rest, and fix their own meals.

But then, eventually, a surprise! Just about cracking 9 o’clock, as we were passing through the market town of Kirkby Stephen we saw it. A cafe! OPEN! Not only did the Silver Street Sandwich and Coffee Bar sell bacon rolls, but it sells delicious bacon rolls. Well worth waiting for … and, since it’s open from 7 am EVERY day, it’s definitely marked on our map for future visits.

Kirkby Stephen 2

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