Posted by: travelrat | February 10, 2014

The Oakwood Clock and Others

The Oakwood Clock is a prominent Leeds landmark. There’s a blue plaque nearby, saying it was originally intended for the Leeds Central Market, but the City Fathers changed their minds, and put it here instead. And, also in the vicinity, there’s a banner urging anyone interested to ‘help to save the clock’.

From Oakwood, there are frequent buses into the city centre, and, naturally, I rode on the top deck, to see what was to be seen. And, what did I see? I saw clocks!

Now, I’ve written before about public clocks, and how they seem to be on the decline. After all, most people wear a wristwatch these days … and, sometimes, even that’s unnecessary, for most mobile phones, tablets and such have some sort of built-in clock.

But, it seems there are plenty of public clocks in Leeds … or along Roundhay Road, at least. Shops and offices often displayed them. But, I noticed that none of them was right! The most accurate was one outside a Health Centre, which someone had neglected to adjust at the end of British Summer Time.

So, maybe that’s a case for saving the Oakwood Clock; it’s the only one I saw displaying anything like the correct time!

The Oakwood Clock



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