Posted by: travelrat | February 3, 2014

Royal Armouries, Leeds

Armouries 1

Leeds:13th December 2013

A grey, drizzly day in Leeds, but there’s never ‘nothing to do’. One place to visit is the Royal Armouries museum … to which entry is free. There’s armaments from all ages, from stone clubs to modern Army and police weaponry, spread over four floors.

There’s a sort of tower at the end, covering all floors, and it’s called the Hall of Steel.
Over all four floors, the walls are hung with swords and armour. You aren’t allowed in; the thought of some of that stuff falling off the wall while someone’s standing below doesn’t bear thinking about!

Of particular interest is the armoured ‘war elephant’, which must have been a frightening sight indeed if you were on the other side. There’s also a display of stuffed animals showing a tiger attacking an elephant-mounted would-be hunter … I’m not sure, in actual fact, whether these are actual stuffed animals or extremely life-like models.

Armouries 2

There’s also live presentations given by re-enactors, covering most aspects of war and battle … usually, from the point of view of a foot soldier rather than a general. I was particularly struck by a life-size diorama of WWI machine gunners … accompanied by a recording of the songs they liked to sing.

The ‘sanitised’ versions, of course … although I was hard put not to join in with the usual version!

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