Posted by: travelrat | January 27, 2014

The Anniversary Lunch … and Another Pie.

Photo by Ellie Hipkiss

Photo by Ellie Hipkiss

Since we’d all gathered in Darlington for Chris and Georgie’s wedding, we had the opportunity to have our (belated) 50th Anniversary lunch with our children and grandchildren the following day. We chose the Old Farmhouse, near Tees-side Airport, at Middleton St George and I knew in advance what I was going to order.

The Old Farmhouse is part of the Vintage Inns chain, and, from their website, I knew that chef James Martin has created a special range of pies for them. And, as regular readers know, I can rarely resist a good pie.

It came in an individual dish, covered with a crust that was just … crusty. I’d chosen the beef and Merlot pie, which really lived up to expectation. However, I didn’t quite finish every last morsel, much as I would have liked to. Maybe they should have provided a spoon to scoop up the last drop of that delicious gravy.

Charlotte said I should have done as she did, and ordered mashed potato instead of chips … which would have been much better at soaking up the gravy.

Beef & Merlot Pie

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