Posted by: travelrat | January 22, 2014

The Floiban, Bergen


Bergen: 27th March 2013

We just had to have a ride on the Floiban funicular railway. If you lived in San Francisco, you’d call it a cable car. It’s popular with visitors and locals alike, and takes you up ‘Mount’ Floien, really, a rather slight hill, but overlooking the town and the harbour, giving a superb birds’-eye view.

The ride up was rather disappointing. They tout the spectacular views on the way up … then permit standing passengers to block those views. They don’t go quite as far as employing ‘shovers-in’, like they’re reputed to do on Japanese commuter trains, but, unless you can get there early, and grab a nice position, you’re not going to see much for the press of bodies.

But, it’s worth it for, once out of the car, the views from the top were marvellous, and it’s easy to see why  Floien is so popular with the local people. For many, it’s the start of several marked walking trails through the woods, but we didn’t really have time to try one.

Instead, we contented ourselves with enjoying the view, and indulging ourselves with large, delicious ice creams, dusted with chocolate powder from the kiosk.

Ice cream!

On the way down, we were first in the queue, and managed to grab the ‘pole position’ front seats, which nobody can possibly stand in front of. So, I was able to get some good footage of the scenic ride.


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