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Bergen 1

Bergen: 27th March 2013

We didn’t book an excursion at Bergen. We found later that our casual stroll around covered a good part of the ground of most of the excursions, anyway. After the visits further north, the weather seemed almost tropical … for the first time in days, we could dispense with the thermal layers.

We had been warned that it’s usually raining in Bergen, but it wasn’t today; everything was so crisp and clear it was almost impossible to take bad photographs.

Bergen 5

First and most obvious was the old town of Brygge, with its ancient wooden buildings. It’s listed as a World Heritage Site, so the buildings have changed little from the time this was an important port in the Hanseatic League. Some of them now house souvenir shops; I think, the first we’ve seen in Norway with the prices given in pounds, euros and dollars as well. We must be getting back on to the beaten track.

It was good to see the sail training ship Statraad Lemkuhl moored at the quayside. I first came across her in the Tall Ships Race at Antwerp in 1998 … I can’t remember whether I actually went on board or not.

Stadtrad Lemkuhl

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