Posted by: travelrat | December 30, 2013

Bjorli and the Troll Wall

The Troll Wall

Åndalsnes: 26th March 2013.

We took the motor coach up to Bjorli; there was a train ride up there on offer, too, but I’m only allowed one train ride per trip. Both the coach and the train stop on the way to view the Troll Wall. This famous cliff is the highest in Europe and has for years been a magnet for climbers (legal) and base jumpers (illegal) from all over the world.

On the way, I overheard a conversation regarding the first ascent. Dougal Haston, wasn’t it? said one man. I rather thought it was Nick Estcourt, said his wife. Both were wrong … I found out later this was another case of the Norwegians beating the British to it. Of course, its crags were only considered with the eye … although thirty years ago, I’d have been seriously tempted!


The second stop was at a frozen waterfall, guarded by a couple of rather gnarly-looking trolls … models, of course! At this time of year, it’s just a rather interesting gorge, filled with natural ice sculptures,

‘But, come in summer! So much water comes down here, it’s difficult to hear yourself think!’

The Frozen Waterfall

Bjorli itself is a base for all kinds of winter sports and presumably, in summer, is a centre for climbers and hikers. So, it’s mainly given over to sports shops and stuff. But, we did manage to find a supermarket, where we could buy some more everyday items we required.


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