Posted by: travelrat | December 16, 2013

Quick Post from Leeds

Just a quick post from Leeds, to let everyone know we haven’t completely dropped off the edge of cyber-space. Like I said earlier, we got stuck for house- and dog-sitting, while our daughter and her family are in Kenya. Unfortunately, poor old Ben left for That Great Dog-basket in the Sky a couple of days before we were due up there.

But, we went anyway … we need to be up there for the Andre Rieu concert at the Leeds Arena on the 19th, and we may as well twiddle out thumbs here as at home. Not that we’ve been doing a great deal of twiddling, for Leeds is a convenient place from which to slip over and visit Dad … also, a short drive to Darlington to see our son and his family. And, of course, get some up to date pictures of our two youngest grandsons!





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