Posted by: travelrat | December 8, 2013

Christmas Markets: Rostock and Salisbury (video)

Christmas Market 132

Salisbury Christmas Market 2013

Before I depart for the ‘Frozen North’, I have a little business to take care of. You may remember that, last winter, we took the ‘Baltic Christmas Markets’ cruise, and I made some video of the Rostock Christmas Market.

I didn’t post it at the time, because, by the time it was ready, we were well into Spring, and it just didn’t seem right. So, I held it over until a more appropriate time.

And, what could be more appropriate than two weeks before Christmas?

We have our own Christmas Market in Salisbury. It opened the other week, and most people say it’s even better than last year … which someone described as the best one in UK … I wouldn’t know; I haven’t seen them all.

But, it does compare favourably with those I’ve seen on the Continent. There’s even a faint whiff of gluhwein and gingerbread for that true Continental flavour.

If I don’t get online before, may I wish all who celebrate it a peaceful and happy Christmas! And, thanks for stopping by and reading my stuff

Rostock Christmas Market (20i2)

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