Posted by: travelrat | November 20, 2013


Åndalsnes 1

I was going to post video of Tromsø today, but, for some reason, it’s rather poor quality, and doesn’t show anything you haven’t seen on my photographs. So, let’s move on, below the Arctic Circle to  …

Åndalsnes: 26th March 2013.

The ‘cliché Police’ must be on full alert at the little port of Åndalsnes, a precious jewel nestled in the protective palm of the peaks of Romsdalsfjord … STOP THIS IMMEDIATELY!

We docked around 10 a.m., so we were able to enjoy the sail down the tranquil fjord. Our tour didn’t start until the afternoon, so we took a stroll around this tidy little town.

Åndalsnes 2

Just across from the ship was the railway station, where a gleaming new two-coach train stood waiting to whisk those who wished to go up to the mountain resort of Bjorli. Close at hand was a vintage carriage which has been converted to a ‘train chapel’ … presumably, for those who wish to pray for an uneventful journey, or give thanks for a safe arrival. Maybe the line through the hills is more sporting than most? We never found out, for we went to Bjorli on the coach; I’m only allowed one train ride per trip.

Train Chapel, Åndalsnes

(Am I showing my age when I mention the skit by the late Marty Feldman: ‘I’m Bishop of this train! Who the hell do you think I am? Little Bo-bloody-Peep?’ ?)

Apart from that, there’s not a great deal to do in Åndalsnes, apart from a little window-shopping … and admiring the views, something I never tire of!


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