Posted by: travelrat | November 18, 2013

Slava’s Snow Show


When it was announced that we were going to see ‘Slava’s Snow Show’ at the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Maybe something in the nature of a ‘Winter Carnival’ or ‘Holiday on Ice’?

Not a bit of it; Slava Polunin is the leader of a troupe of Russian mime artist and clowns. (Is that a tautology? The original, traditional clown should not speak??)

And, very good they are too … although the first few minutes had me asking ‘Who are these people? What do they represent? What’s going on?’ But, strangely, after a short while, these questions didn’t seem important at all. It was the antics themselves that had me laughing and applauding with the rest of them.

The show included a lot of audience participation. At one stage, the entire stalls area was enveloped in a fine, web-like net. At various points, the audience were showered with paper ‘snow’ and, after the curtain call, gigantic balls were released, and bounced all over the auditorium.

That was indeed a spectacle to remember. Although it’s normally forbidden to photograph performances at the ‘Mayflower’, flashes were popping and phones and tablets appeared all over the place, and nobody ‘official’ seemed to take any notice.

I had my camera with me, so of course, I joined in.

Probably the best way to describe it all would be as a pleasing mix of mime, pantomime and slapstick. I wonder if there are any more acts like this. Or, if or when these guys will be back?

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