Posted by: travelrat | November 15, 2013

The First Stonehenge?

The Mesolithic settlement at Blick Mead has been promoted as ‘how and where Stonehenge began, and why it’s where it is’. That’s not strictly true; the monument itself was started in the Neolithic Age, a good 3000 years later than the artifacts which were found at Blick Mead were dated.

But, those Mesolithic people did erect something near the present site of Stonehenge. Post holes were found where they had placed pine poles. It’s thought that these may have been akin to the totem poles of Native Americans.

Unfortunately, they dealt with the slight circles of darker grass that marked the spot in exactly the way they served the last resting place of Richard III … they built a car park over it.

But, they did paint circles on the tarmac, to show where they were.

However, under the new Management Plan, the car park is to be moved to the new Visitor Centre, some distance away. And, I did hear talk about something to be erected on the site, to give a more visible interpretation of what used to be there.

As I hope to tell in the coming weeks, there’s a lot more to the Stonehenge landscape than the circle itself … and much of it was in place long before the stones were raised.


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