Posted by: travelrat | November 6, 2013

Tromsø Museum

Exhibit at Tromsø Museum

Tromsø. 24th March 2013.

With hindsight, it would maybe have been better to visit the Tromsø Museum before visiting the Sami at Alta. One of its main themes is a truly impressive display of artefacts and dioramas showing the Sami way of life both past and present.

However, I realise that cruise ship itineraries have to be planned around the availability of berths for their ships, so the timings aren’t always ideal.

At the museum, we had a choice. You can come with me, said the guide, or you can wander around at will, and I’ll see you back here in 45 minutes. Normally, I’d have taken the second option. I don’t like being shepherded around in a group, being ‘talked at’ by the guide. I’d prefer to browse around the things that interest me, and set my own pace.

But this guide was exceptional … possibly unique. Like all the guides we’ve come across so far on this cruise, he was knowledgeable and informative; amusing, friendly and outgoing … but not a Norwegian!

Temba told us he was actually Senegalese … or, as he described himself, a ‘black Viking’!

View from the museum entrance

View from the museum entrance



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