Posted by: travelrat | October 28, 2013

The Dig


I think enough time has elapsed since I gave the Queen her shilling back for the old military adage ‘Never volunteer for anything’ to have lost its impact somewhat.

When the call went out for volunteers to assist with the Blick Mead archaeological dig, mine was one of the names on the list.

Blick Mead is located just outside the Iron Age hill-fort erroneously called ‘Vespasian’s Camp’, just to the north of the spring I wrote about last week. Evidence has already been found of human habitation right back in the Mesolithic age … that’s 10,000 years ago; even before the ancient stones at Stonehenge were raised.

I found myself on the sieves. The diggers brought buckets of clay that would have broken a gardener’s heart from the three trenches that were being excavated, and it was our job to break it up and sort through it for anything interesting. Or, rather, anything solid; it was up to the next stages to identify anything not immediately obvious.

Every little stone we found was passed down the line … it looked like insignificant stones to me, but each one would be examined, lest it was something important. Then, my fingers closed on something.


‘Hey! This looks interesting’

My ‘sieve-mate’ summoned David Jacques, the Boss-man.

‘Look what Keith found!’

It was a beautifully-worked flint cutting tool … which might have passed without notice if I’d come across it while digging the garden.

Another of my ‘finds’ looked like a metal belt buckle … however, since metal wasn’t used back then, it wasn’t so significant; it must have been dropped millennia later. We couldn’t establish exactly when, and I wondered if it ever will. Just curious, you understand!

Lasst munth, I cudunt evin spel arkyollojist. Now, I are wun!

Lasst munth, I cudunt evin spel arkyollojist. Now, I are wun!


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