Posted by: travelrat | October 25, 2013

Arctic Cathedral, Tromsø

Arctic Cathedral 2

Tromsø. 24th March 2013.

Unfortunately, the cable car ride we’d booked wouldn’t be running. It was down for maintenance, and wouldn’t be open until mid-May. But, considering the weather conditions … the day was rather leaden … we weren’t too disappointed; it’s unlikely we’d have seen much anyway.

‘So, we’ll take you to the Arctic Cathedral instead!’

NOOOO! Not another bloody cathedral!!!

Although tour guides all over the world almost always insist on dragging you through the cathedral, if there is one, I usually find them pretty much of a muchness. But, the Arctic Cathedral at Tromsø is different. Just a stark, stone triangle. Scandinavian simplicity at its best, with the most beautiful stained glass window I think I’ve ever seen … triangular, of course, at its eastern end.

Arctic Cathedral 3

Outside the cathedral, there’s a good view of the 3400 foot long 140 foot high bridge, which links the island of Troms, on which the city stands with the mainland.

(Not a typo, by the way; the island is Troms; the city is Tromsø … the nearest I can come to the pronunciation of ø is like the ‘ea’ in ‘earth’)



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