Posted by: travelrat | October 21, 2013

The Source

The Source

It doesn’t look like much, does it? But, it is a special place.

It’s located just outside Amesbury; I won’t say exactly where, because it’s on private land. Its special properties may have been the reason Mesolithic man settled here 10,000 years ago, to eventually form what could be one of the earliest settlements found so far in the UK.

What is so special about this spring is that it’s a ‘warm spring’ … not a ‘hot spring’; that’s completely different. Water from the spring always flows at a constant volume, and at a constant temperature. So, it never freezes in winter, and never dries up in summer.

This would have made it most attractive to the nomadic hunter-gatherers of the day, for they’d know where to find a permanent water source. And, it would also be a good place to find and hunt the animals which were attracted there.

It would also have been a good place to leave members of the group who couldn’t follow for any reason, as well as maybe a few members to attend to their needs. The main group would probably return frequently, too. So, in time, an organised settlement grew up, more and more evidence of which is being found as I write, and which I shall tell about in the coming weeks.

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