Posted by: travelrat | October 18, 2013

Can You Joik? (Video)

Sami 3

Alta: 23rd March 2013.

After we’d seen the reindeer, we crowded into the laavu to see some of the crafts of the Sami. Are we going to get any reindeer stew I wondered ? … No; that is an item on the ‘Meet the Sami’ tour from Tromsø … which we weren’t on.

But, we were treated to the performance of the ‘joik’, the traditional unaccompanied folk music of the Sami. I was reminded a little of Hebridean mouth-music, and a Canadian friend told me that the Inuit also have a version.

The Sami said that, one year, a ‘joik’ had been entered into the Eurovision Song Contest. But, he didn’t say how it did … I sincerely trust it wasn’t a case of ‘La Norvège … nul point’ !!

However, I don’t have to try too hard to describe it. I have video!



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