Posted by: travelrat | October 14, 2013

Digging and Walking

King Barrows, on the Stonehenge Estate

King Barrows, on the Stonehenge Estate

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a Volunteering Fair in the Guildhall, in Salisbury. All sorts of organisations were there, looking for volunteers to assist them in their activities. I took away material from English Heritage and the National Trust … both organisations dedicated to preservation of our heritage. English Heritage took over responsibility of the care and maintenance of our National Monuments from the Government’s Department of the Environment, while the National Trust has always been a privately funded organisation.

Anyway, yesterday, I went to meet the NT, and, if the Training Day next Thursday turns out as planned, I shall be leading walks around the Stonehenge Estate.

I also applied for volunteer work at the new Stonehenge Visitor Centre for English Heritage … I’ll let you know about that when I’ve been to see them.

Another volunteering opportunity arose when the Amesbury Museum asked for local people to help with a dig. I’m not too sure how much I’ll be able to post about that, as we mustn’t disclose its exact location, and I don’t want to pre-empt any official releases.

But, I can tell you that they’ve already found evidence of an organised settlement there from around 8000 BC … at that time, Britain was still joined to continental Europe.

I like to think of one of those early inhabitants being prevented from putting another log on the fire, lest he contribute to Global Warming … ‘If we don’t watch it, this place will be an island in a couple of thousand years!’

On Friday, some of us went down to set everything up, and the digging started shortly afterwards. Hopefully, I’ll be able to go down again on Monday afternoon … if I get back from Durrington in time.

All set up; let the digging commence!

All set up; let the digging commence!



  1. Muy interesante este post.Me ha sido realmente til.

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