Posted by: travelrat | October 9, 2013

Brighton Pier

Brighton Pier 1

Our grand-daughter, Ellie is starting a course at Brighton University, and, we had to go over there to see her into her ‘digs’. As one does at a seaside resort, we went for a walk along the Pier. Seaside piers, usually dating from Victorian times, attract all sorts of opinions; a classic example of ‘My parents loved it; I think it’s naff, my children think it’s kitsch’.

But, even if the various diversions and entertainments are not to your taste, you can always dangle a fishing line off the end, or even just walk. There’s usually plenty of colour to be found, even on the dullest day.

Despite the sign over the entrance, proclaiming it to be the Brighton Pier, according to Wikipedia, it’s the ‘Palace Pier’. The ‘informal title’, it says rather sniffily, might give the impression that it’s Brighton’s only pier.

At the present time, it is! The other pier, the West Pier, the remains of which can still be seen, was closed after a disastrous fire in 1975 … but, occasionally, I see on the TV news from time to time several proposals to renovate it, although I don’t think they ever got past the talking stage.

Although it’s sustained a fire and some storm damage, I don’t think the Brighton … sorry, the Palace Pier ever closed completely for any length of time.

Brighton Pier 2



  1. It’s beautiful. It would be fun to stroll along it and see it for myself. Maybe one day….

    • Some people dismiss it as rather tatty and shabby, but that, for me, is part of its charm. I think we can forgive something so loved and well-used for being a little worn at the edges.

  2. I’ve never been to Brighton. One day, though! I’ve heard lovely things about the area.

    • Hi, Carol!

      Where are you? If you’re ever in London, Brighton’s only about 50 miles way, & could easily be done in a day-trip. It does seem to deserve a longer visit, though, & hopefully, I’ll be able to explore a little more on future visits.

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