Posted by: travelrat | September 25, 2013

Australia: Not ‘Addio’ but ‘Arrivederci’


So, we’ve come to the end of the ‘Australia Diary’. I was hard put to think of a title to this post. ‘Goodbye to All That’ or ‘All Good Things Come to an End’ would, I thought, probably give the impression I was giving up blogging altogether.

Not a bit of it; although we haven’t really been anywhere since the Spring, I’ve still got a good amount of Norway stuff left, and there’s plenty going on around here. So, it should keep me going till I go to Spain for another Vaughantown scheme at the end of November.

After that, the only provisional plan is for a tour of China in the Spring … I’ll let you know about that when the plans are firmed up more.

If I get really stuck, I have some ‘retrospective’ stuff I can post, although I may have to reduce the frequency; one thing I don’t want to do is ‘post for the sake of posting’

Of course, a tasty ‘blog trip’ could be offered; I could win a trip in one of the many competitions I enter. I could even win the Lottery. You never know what’s around the corner.

On our penultimate day, I walked back the long way after returning the car to the depot. I’m glad I did, for I got some unusual pictures. These handprints are found all around the former track of the Australian Grand Prix; the other just has to qualify as a ‘silly sign’!


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