Posted by: travelrat | September 2, 2013

Granite Island: Video

Granite Island 2

Victor Harbor: 5th May 2012

I have to apologise for the poor editing on this video, but this post nearly didn’t happen. Earlier this week, Windows Movie Maker threw a wobbly, and wouldn’t convert my projects to .wmv files. Bernie, my ‘guru’ said he didn’t think anything could be done about it; normally, I’d just uninstall then re-install it. But, apparently, it can’t be did, because it came bundled with the computer.

But, all is not lost. My Netbook has a more up to date version of Movie Maker installed … although it’s taking time to learn, because it’s totally different to what’s on my ‘big computer’.

Hopefully, things will improve, as I get more proficient with the new system … and, since I thought the Granite Island video might not be ready in time, I’ve got next week’s ‘Australia Dish’ already written.

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