Posted by: travelrat | August 30, 2013

Overnight in Alta

Snowstorm in Alta

Snowstorm in Alta

Alta: 22nd March 2013.

We were to spend a couple of days in Alta, and surely, this would be the best chance to see the Northern Lights? I’ve already told about the rather disappointing displays we’d seen on the way up here, but told ourselves … surely, it’ll be better in Alta?

Now, the thing to take on board here is that the Tourist Office, or whoever, can’t turn the Aurora on and off at will. It’s always there … but the conditions in which it can actually be seen are not. And, one of the conditions in which it can’t be seen is in a snowstorm. And, guess what that night brought us?

There was a tour, where they’d take you to ‘a dark place’ in order to observe the Aurora. I’d already decided not to join this. In my years in Her Majesty’s Forces, I used to get paid for sitting in a field in the middle of a winter night waiting for something to happen, so paying to do it came rather hard. We thought we’d get almost as good a view from the ship, anyway.

Also, you may remember, I’d forgotten my tripod. But, I had a little mini-tripod with me, so maybe I could set that up on a table or something.

In the event, it didn’t happen. But, I’m not too disappointed … (although, if I’d booked the tour, I’d be spitting chips!). As we shall see later, there’s a lot more to see and do on this trip. And, there’s an excuse for a return visit at a future date.


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