Posted by: travelrat | August 26, 2013

Granite Island

Granite Island 1

Victor Harbor: 5th May 2012.

The Causeway connects the mainland with Granite Island, which is a good place for photography and wildlife spotting … and an excellent one if the light was kinder than it was on this occasion. We were well satisfied, though, with the sight of a seal and a pod of dolphins, and would like to make another visit, hopefully, when the light is better and the tram is running … and I’m a bit quicker with the camera!

Although there are plenty of signs saying beware of penguins, we didn’t see any. Apparently, they’re out to sea, seeking food for most of the day, and only return to their burrows at night.

Granite Island Sign

There is a substantial hill on the island, affording great views. There’s also a boardwalk and steps up it. Sometimes, I get the impression that every attractive site in Australia has a boardwalk to be walked upon … and dire penalties if you step off it!

There’s a restaurant too called … guess what? … the Granite Island Café, where we called in for a pie and a cup of coffee, which we had on the balcony, looking out to sea watching for the whales which never came. Not that we were expecting any; it was the wrong time of the year. But, maybe there was the odd whale that didn’t know that?

But, back on the mainland, there’s a pond with a fountain the shape of a whale’s tale. Only a little one, though.

Whale Tail, Victor Harbor


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