Posted by: travelrat | August 23, 2013

Ice Hotel: Video

Sorrisniva 2

Alta: 22nd March 2013.

Here’s the video I took in the Ice Hotel. It’s a bit poor, but they can’t have too strong lights in the hotel, or they’d probably melt it before its time. They advised, anyway, that we’d get better pictures if we disabled the flash, I tried both … with flash and without. And, I think ‘without flash’ had the edge. Maybe a bit dark, but I can, if I wish, lighten them in the computer.


  1. amazing.

  2. I’ve always wondered what those ice hotels were like. great that you got to experience one!

  3. Very cool! (pun intended) What fun to see this video. And Keith, I’m a bit curious; was that you speaking at 0:20?

    • No; whoever it was speaks two more words of Norwegian than I do! 😀

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