Posted by: travelrat | August 21, 2013

More About Sculpture

'Arnold' ... The Ancestor

‘Arnold’ … The Ancestor

If you’ve driven westward along the A303 in the last couple of days, you may have noticed that the ‘Big Fella’ has gone walkabout again. He’s gone from his usual position outside the Holiday Inn in Amesbury, to which he had recently returned. I’m told, though, that he will be back in a couple of weeks; he’s just gone to preside over the Green Man Festival in Wales, which makes him a truly international traveller.

Although he’s probably the best-known, he’s by no means the only thing to come out of the workshop of AR Metalcraft ( )

The other week, Michelle needed a photograph of a metal sculpture they’d recently produced, which had been commissioned by Gardeners’ World, as a prize in a competition they were running.

Since I normally do outdoor and landscape work, I don’t have a studio. My original plan was simply to lay the thing on the deck in the garden, and light it with natural light. But, when Michelle arrived with the sculpture, the day was drizzly, grey and overcast.

Fortunately, my kitchen/dining room is lit with swivel spotlights, so I was able to ‘McGyver’ something up. The result … probably a little more ‘bronzey’ that the sculpture actually is … it’s really a silvery colour. Maybe with a little adjustment?

Flower Sculpture


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