Posted by: travelrat | August 19, 2013

Victor Harbor

The Causeway, Victor Harbor

The Causeway, Victor Harbor

Victor Harbor: 5th May 2012.

I can’t really say whether or not things have changed since my last visit to Victor Harbor, for the only remnant I have of that is a fading photograph of a twenty-year-old me, leaning against a notice board by the Causeway, rolling a cigarette. But now, even the notice board is gone!

However, the Causeway is still there and, normally, it’s possible to ride across it in a horse-drawn tram. It’s not running at the moment, though, because of repairs to the Causeway. Nevertheless, it’s still possible to walk along it.

Now, before anyone takes me to task for the spelling, it IS spelt ‘the American way’. When Captain Richard Crozier arrived here in HMS Victor in 1837, spelling was in no way standardised (or even ‘standardized’) ; quite often, I’ve come across monuments and statuary from that time in Britain using spellings like ‘honor’ and ‘valor’. However. When the railway arrived, South Australian Railways insisted on calling the station Victor HARBOUR.

Anyway, this is one of the places South Australians come for fishing, watersports and watching marine life. It’s not quite the season for that, but we did see some.



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