Posted by: travelrat | August 12, 2013

Eating Croc

Croc 1

It’s time to try a taste of more Australian wildlife! Like I said a couple of weeks ago, some people have an objection to eating kangaroo, because kangaroos can’t be farmed. They do farm crocodiles, although it’s mainly for their skin, which is used to make luxury leather goods. (No, I can’t afford it, and it’s not my style, anyway.)

A few years ago, I met Alex. She was an active campaigner against the fur trade, although she had no objection to wearing leather.

‘I eat meat’ she said ‘and we’re going to kill the cow anyway, so why not make use of its hide? What I’m against is killing or breeding the animal for its skin alone’

That’s pretty much in line with my own philosophy … ‘Don’t kill it unless you’re going to eat it’; I think it says as much in the Bible, somewhere, too (?). Although I suppose an exception could be made if it’s going to eat you! As a crocodile will, given half a chance.

Anyway, the chance to ‘eat croc’ finally came when we visited a Chinese/Thai restaurant. There were quite a gang of us, and the advantage of such a meal is you usually ‘pick and mix’, if you don’t like what you ordered, someone else will eat it, and you can share someone else’s grub.

On offer was crocodile, cooked with chili and lemon grass. I couldn’t quite make up my mind about it; there was something vaguely reminiscent of something about the taste … but, was it the meat of the flavouring. It was only later that night I realised what it reminded me of.

Frogs’ legs!

Well, they’re both amphibious reptiles, aren’t they?

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