Posted by: travelrat | August 9, 2013


Alta 1

22nd March, 2013: Alta

We got into Alta on schedule, but found our berth still occupied by the Boudicca. The Captain, who I met in my wanderings, said he’d been told that she didn’t have enough power to leave port. In actual fact, we found after we got home that, when Boudicca arrived a couple of days later, she had a few cases of norovirus aboard. However, maybe this hadn’t manifested itself yet … or, if it did, they were hardly likely to tell the Captain of a ship from a rival company.

But, they managed, in the meantime, to negotiate an alternative berth, so, after some delay, we docked. However, the delay meant our programme had to be put back a couple of hours.

The coaches were parked in a bay on the other side of the road. The guides marshalled us across, and even stopped traffic for us. When we returned, I walked down the road for a short distance, and found they’d also put a sign out. Yes, it really does mean ‘Tourists Crossing’!

Norwegian Sign



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