Posted by: travelrat | July 29, 2013

Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary

Warrawong 2

Warrawong; 3rd May 2012.

We had sort of visited the Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary in the Adelaide Hills on a previous occasion. But, we weren’t allowed in, for, at that time they only did guided night tours, for most of the wildlife there, and, indeed, in much of Australia, is nocturnal.
You can now get in by day … for free … although they don’t promise you’ll see much. However, it’s an excellent example of how farmland can, if allowed, quickly revert to something like its natural state. In the early 1980s, they put a fence around it, to keep introduced feral species out. It worked well; the indigenous species within the reserve prospered.

Warrawong 1
To make up for only seeing a few birds, kangaroos and tortoises, they have an Animal Show, where we were introduced to a Huntsman spider, a stick insect, a leaf insect, a shingle-back lizard and a rock python.
That’s only a small sample of the wildlife, most of which can really be seen if you come at night. The Reserve claims the only colony of platypuses to be found on mainland South Australia. That, alone, is a good reason for a return visit.

Stick Insect

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