Posted by: travelrat | July 24, 2013


We couldn’t go to Maastricht for the André Rieu Homecoming Concert this year, but we managed the next-best thing. We went to the cinecast of the concert at the Odeon, in Salisbury. We’ve been to these cinecasts before, and I’ve got to say, from the point of view of the technical camera-work, this was the best one yet.

The concert itself, although excellent, didn’t quite come up to the standard of the 2010 Maastricht concert; that will take some beating.

This is where the rant starts. Nobody seems to have worked out a code of conduct for these cinecasts. I appreciate that everything is ‘so like being there’ that I have to make a real effort not to join in the applause between pieces, and I wouldn’t blame anyone for doing so.

But, one guy sitting near us really went over the top … cheering and calling for an encore! I did protest, but I fear it fell on deaf ears; I wasn’t sure whether the guy was drunk, mentally ill or I didn’t pursue it. But, I longed for the days when the screen character’s ‘Fire at will!’ brought an army of commissionaires, usherettes and sometimes even the manager, brandishing torches and looking for the guy who shouted ‘Which one’s Will?’

Now, for a regular film, it’s easy. As soon as the lights go down, you ‘haud your wheesht’, but, at a live concert, it’s quite acceptable to use the short interval between pieces for any applause, talking, coughing or throat-clearing you wish to do, rather than do it during the performance itself.

So, which applies here?

We’ve just seen an ad for a cinecast of ‘Carmen’. I know we’ve seen such before, and very good it was, too. But, this one’s being streamed from the floating stage in Sydney Harbour! So, maybe …. ? 

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