Posted by: travelrat | July 15, 2013

Bethany Winery

View from the Bethany Winery 2006

View from the Bethany Winery 2006

Barossa Valley: 28th April 2012.

When we’re buying wine at the cellar door, I often wonder how much the setting of the vineyard or winery affects our choice. After all, if the soil and weather conditions are right, you could grow your grapes on an inner city allotment, and make your wine in an anonymous shed on a trading estate, and it would be just as nice.
On the other hand, it’s just possible that an attractive surrounding does not absolutely guarantee good wine. A friend recently visited France, and enthused over the beauty and setting of the chateau and vineyard she visited.  She was not, however, as impressed with the wine, which she described as ‘ … the most frightful plonk ever to be put into a bottle’

Bethany Winery

Bethany Winery

But, this was certainly not the case at the Bethany Winery. It makes excellent wine, and is in a beautiful setting. I recommended this because I’ve been before, and knew of its reputation for some of the best views over the Barossa Valley. And, there’s even better ones from the low hill behind the winery.

View from Bethany Winery 2012

View from Bethany Winery 2012

But, while some of us were photographing, others tasted the wine … and , of course, we came away with several bottles.

Bethany 1


  1. I understand that thought completely! I’m definitely one to be swayed by a products packaging, wine especially. I’ve never been to a winery myself, but I imagine that a pretty one would make me much more inclined to try a few varieties.

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