Posted by: travelrat | July 12, 2013

The Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Above the Arctic Circle: 20th March 2013.
After dinner, an excited voice told us the Northern Lights had appeared. Everyone rushed on deck and, to tell the truth, they were really nothing to get excited about. Just greenish-tinted clouds, almost impossible to photograph, although they did show up slightly better on camera. In fact, I believed I’d seen something like this before, but didn’t realise what it was.

‘I’ve seen better displays in Aberdeen!’ said one lady. Then, I remembered. I lived in Elgin at the time, and I’d been summoned into work in the middle of a winter night. As I rode in on my motor-bike, I’d noticed the same green glow in the sky, and meant to ask the Met man what it was when I got into work. But, as usually happens when you’re called in the middle of the night, the place was like an overturned ants’ nest, and I forgot.

Anyway, I’d forgotten my tripod … an essential tool in such circumstances, hence the rather psychedelic effects at the bottom of the picture.. So, such results as I did get weren’t very good. But, the ship’s photographer produced some pretty spectacular ones; I suspect a super-long exposure, for the decks were, apparently, clear.

However, we’ll be above the Arctic Circle for another four days. I appreciate the lights can’t be turned on and off to order. Actually, they’re always there, but whether or not you can see them, and the quality of the display depends on the weather conditions at the time. Maybe we’ll get lucky later?



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