Posted by: travelrat | July 1, 2013


‘Why is it’ Jane asked ‘that you British say you’re going to hospital, whereas we say we’re going to the hospital?’ Ordinarily, I’d have replied ‘Because we do!’ but Jane’s a lecturer at an American university, and makes a serious study of these things. ‘After all’ she went on ‘if your car’s being repaired, you say it’s in the shop, not it’s in shop’

(Actually, I’d say it’s in the garage, but I know what she meant.)

Then, I thought of a reply. ‘But, if you’re caught in any wrongdoing, surely, you go to jail, not the jail!’ Which led her to say she hadn’t thought of that, and would have to make further study.

What brought on this trip down Memory Lane? Well, on Thursday, I have to go into hospital (or THE hospital; I’m not really that pedantic!). It’s only a minor thing, and I’m only expected to be in overnight. But, providing all goes well, I’ll be leaving straight afterwards to go up to Cumbria, to help my Dad celebrate his 100th birthday.

So, after I’ve put up my ‘Wednesday Dish’, I’ll have to step away from the blog for a short while. I’m not sure exactly when we’ll be back, but we are booked for the cinecast of the Andre Rieu Maastricht concert in Salisbury on the 13th. See you then … if the Lord’s willing and the creek don’t rise!


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