Posted by: travelrat | June 24, 2013

Sculptures at the Cathedral

Sculpture 2

I used to have an elderly, rather grumpy relative who had a nasty habit of dismissing anything he didn’t understand as ‘rubbish’ And, he didn’t understand a helluva lot! So, I’d made my mind up from an early age, I’d never do that. I’ll often say something like ‘I didn’t like it’ or ‘It’s not to my taste’ but I very rarely, if ever, dismiss something out of hand.

So it was with the exhibition of sculptures by Helaine Blumenfeld in the Cathedral Close in Salisbury.

The exhibition is running until 8th September 2013, and whichever direction you approach Salisbury from, you’ll see a temporary AA sign, telling you the handiest place to park.

We were going anyway, to see the Castellers of Vilafranca, but we were able to browse around the sculptures while we waited for the show to start.

Sculpture 3

Now, while I admired the artistry and skill which went into working the stone, there were many sculptures that had me asking ‘What on earth is this about?’ Normally, I can look at an abstract shape, and make something from it … even start a mild argument.

‘That’s a aeroplane taking off!’
‘No, it isn’t! It’s a dolphin jumping out of the water’
‘Ah! Says here it’s a goose taking flight!’

That’s the usual way I view any abstract art; try and work out what it represents before reading any interpretative sign there may be. Sometimes, (rarely!) I find the artist and I are thinking along similar lines.

Sculpture 1

But not always … for instance, when viewing one of the sculptures, I thought ‘Flamenco dancer!’ … and, to my surprise, found it was actually called ‘Cleopatra’. I’ll leave you to put your own interpretation on the rest … but, if you’re absolutely flummoxed, there are a few notes from the artist at .

Taken as a whole, the exhibition didn’t exactly float my boat … but let me emphasise, that’s not the same as ‘I don’t like it’. And, a long way from being absolutely derogatory and/or derisive about it.

Sculpture 4

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