Posted by: travelrat | June 19, 2013

‘Yellow Cabs’ Aren’t Necessarily Yellow.

'Yellow' Cab

Before I embark on Phase III of our ‘Australia 12’ sortie, I’ll take a break, and show you a picture of Not Really A Silly Sign.

You see, it is written that all Adelaide taxis shall be painted white … even ‘Yellow Cabs’.

But, in a country where Greyhound buses are, and Virgin Blue aircraft were painted red, and redheads are familiarly addressed as ‘Bluey’ … I suppose it’s not really unusual!


  1. The reason why Cabs in Adelaide are no longer Yellow and yes they use to be Yellow and some Silver in colour, because owners after 7 years or if soon they were selling their cabs as normal cars, they had trouble selling them because they were yellow. So the operators / owners got permission from the State Government to have them white for normal taxis and silver for other elite taxis.
    The police patrol cars use to be Baby Blue too, they stopped sometime in early 2000s for the same reason.

    • Thanks, Suzy!

      Since I wrote this, I found that London ‘Black cabs’ can be any colour. too!



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