Posted by: travelrat | June 14, 2013

Arctic Circle and Beyond

Sailing up the Coast

Arctic Circle: 20th March 2013.

Today started out as ‘just another Day at Sea day’, and so it was throughout the morning; slightly choppy, and the usual lectures, quizzes, reading and writing. Then, about 2.30 p.m., we picked up a pilot who would guide us between the islands and down the Holandsfjord.

But first, we crossed the Arctic Circle, marked by a monument on a little islet to the starboard of the ship. It’s actually a bit short of the Circle itself, but it was the nearest convenient bit of land it could be placed on. There’s not much at the circle itself … certainly no man with a bowl of water demonstrating the Coriolis Effect, like there is at the Equator. It wouldn’t work here, anyway.

Arctic Circle 3

The Arctic Circle is the imaginary line drawn around the Earth at 66 º 33’ 39” N, north of which the sun never rises in the darkest days of winter, and does not set for the few days around midsummer.

On some cruises, the passengers can be taken by tender for a photo-call around the monument, but not on this one. The crossing of the Arctic Circle itself was marked by a blast on the ship’s siren. Well, it was a little cold for the antics of King Neptune and his crew!





  1. It looks wonderful – what an experience!

    • I’ll be putting some video up in a couple of weeks.

  2. Can’t wait for the video! Looking forward to it.

  3. It looks wonderful, very nicely presented.

  4. In Finland You make a road trip to the Arctic Circle even in winter:

    Reindeer rides and Santa

    There You can make reindeer rides, meet Santa and visit the first Lady Eleanor Roosevelt’s historic log cabin.

    Happy and safe travels!

    • Indeed! The ‘sunset that doesn’t happen’ is only interesting … and pales in comparison with the Northern Lights. And, if they don’t appear, there’s dogsled and reindeer rides, skidoos etc. ….

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